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Meet Our Minister

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Mark Tremblay

Love never risks being expressed as hatred, because it does not insist on its own way. Love celebrates the variety and diversity of creation.

Read the full blog in the Kairos spirited reflection. 

Sunday Services

We worship together on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

Services are open to everyone - no registration needed. Check out our past services on our youtube channel below! 


Past Services

Our recent online services can be accessed through our Youtube channel: Knox Presbyterian Calgary by clicking the link below.

  • Knox's YouTube Channel

Children & Youth Education

Every member of our church family from newborn to elder is a valued part of our community. The church is one of the few places in our society where children can experience being in a multi-generational community. So many of our children’s activities are formed around peer age groups, but at church, children have the opportunity to have friends of all ages.


Some of the most wonderful friendships form as pre-schoolers adopt a new grandma or grandpa sitting in the pew beside them. There are no shortage of willing arms to hold a newborn, giving mom and dad a few minutes break.

Kids' Ministries

In the nursery, parents of our pre-schoolers gather, share stories and support one another. Youth sit down and talk about their lives and hear the life-stories of seniors within the congregation. Together we are the family of God, where each person, young to old, has gifts to offer and receives care within this community of help, home and hope.


Our Sunday morning Children’s Worship programs run year-round from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and include:

  • Nursery

  • Grade Kindergarten to Grade 4 group

  • Grade 5 and up group

Calgary children
calgary hopscotch
Mountains at Dusk

Mark's Thoughts

"Inquire of god that we may know whether the mission we are undertaking will succeed."

This request found in Judges was asked by a group of people from the Tribe of Dan to a Levite they encountered on a scouting mission. They were looking for that place on unfamiliar landscape where they might settle, live and thrive. Like them, the Church finds itself in an unfamiliar landscape. It has been estimated that 9,000 churches in Canada will close by the end of 2030, about one third of the estimated 27,000 churches in Canada. The message we have come to know is that Church has to adjust and be different. Knox has taken steps to do that. We are on a journey to discover and find our place in the community and in people’s lives. We are looking for the intersection between faith and spirituality and healthy living. Our scouting reports have been encouraging, but we have a lot more work to do. We have learned so much this past year about online worship. Though there have been frustrating moments as we have learned new technology together. Even though the learning curve has been steep, our resiliency has been expressed through patience and laughter. Whether it has been through being cut off or not being able to unmute ourselves, not knowing how to stop our video or how to access the online Service, we have learned much about YouTube and Zoom—probably more than we ever thought we would want to know. We have been so fortunate that Jonah Miller—Pat Kearn’s grandson— has been our sound/video tech. His knowledge and presence helped ease the pain of what would have been a more difficult transition to online worship. Our last official in-person worship was held on March 15, the day of our AGM. We now have the equipment we need for live streaming services. As of the end of December we had over 2,700 views of our Services on YouTube. A few weeks ago, we began announcing that we could have up to 25 people in our sanctuary on a Sunday morning. The music is still recorded. I hope you have seen the emails about it. As restrictions ease our number can increase. However, the livestream is here to stay. We are committed to making sure that our online presence isn’t lost. No one will have to feel the only recourse they have is to come on Sunday if they are uncomfortable doing so. No one will have to feel left out because they could not make it for whatever reason. All of our Services will be on YouTube and we will still have the Zoom view so people can see each other in addition to the Zoom fellowship after our live services. This year’s AGM will be held via Zoom and I look forward to hearing your questions and comments about our ministries. I look forward to sharing with you about our scouting reports— how we are moving forward and expanding our ministries. We have so much that we can be grateful for at Knox, even though we are physically distanced during this pandemic. The Levite, who met those people from the Tribe of Dan, had encouraging words for them: Go in peace. The mission you are on is under the eye of the LORD. There are two things we can learn from this comment. Stay focused, show no anxiety about what you are doing. The LORD sees your efforts and will bless them.


Prayer Requests

At Knox praying for and with one another is an integral part of our life together as a community of faith. Please send us any prayer requests along with how or if you would like any follow up.
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