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Why is Community Important to Knox?

For Knox, community equals church. In fact, the Greek word from which church is translated could also mean community. It would be an understatement to say that this means relationships are important. We know that it is in relationships that we experience the divine. And we know that as we get to know one another, we find ways of making our community a healthy place.


We all thrive on diversity. Someone said once that variety is the spice of life, but it should be said that diversity is the spice of life.



Knox has committed to being a better neighbour which means to know and to be known by our neighbours. We are always looking for ways to meet up, to talk about new ideas and to find creative ways to keep our community interesting.

Knox will always prioritize supporting local businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families. The relationships created are beneficial to both parties whether it is through monetary, emotional, or social support. Knox's intention is to build-up the neighbourhood.


Sustainable Calgary 2020 Report states:

"For decades, a high number of Calgarians have reported being physically active. But we have seen less arts attendance and increasing crime rates over the past 5 years.


These 2 reversals of long-term trends are probably related to our faltering economy. Surveys suggest an upward trend in community association memberships, but renewal of leadership and the maintenance of facilities are looming issues."

Knox's has dedicated its resources to being a part of the solution in building Calgary's neighbourhoods back-up and revitalizing our communities.

The Issue

1 in 3 Calgarians feel like they don't belong in their community.

40% of Calgarians feel they do not know their neighbours well enough to seek help.

1 in 5 Canadians experience loneliness or social isolation.

Ways we Connect 
With Community
Calgary collaborations


Partnerships and collaborations are essential in stimulating the local economy. We proudly connect and work together with the following organizations:

  • Immigrant Services Calgary

  • Anilin Decorating

  • Skipping Stone

  • Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station

Calgary Sponsorhip of families


Knox has been active in sponsoring, welcoming and supporting newcomers to Calgary for many years. Recently we have co-sponsored a Syrian father, mother, and son with PWS&D. The family was reunited with two brothers who live in Calgary. We are presently working with the family to sponsor a sister and her family towards further family reunification.

Knox Community

Knox Community

We meant it when we said our doors are open to everyone. This space is utilized by numerous different groups including the Calgary's Boys Choir, Young Nak, Immigrant Services Calgary, and others.  

If you are looking for a rental space or have an idea to host an event, contact us at to discuss collaboration.

calgary board games

Fundraising Events

Knox is continually looking to aide community members and causes in-need. Since Knox's beginnings fundraising has been a key component of its identity. Donations and funding have gone to building maintenance, community events, non-for-profit donations, and assistance to local communities members in-need.

Music in Calgary


Music is a huge part of Knox' heart. One of our favourite music initiatives is our Red Carpet Concert Series which provides free concerts featuring professional musicians, followed by an optional $7 lunch.

We have grown to consistently seeing 80 to 90 people per concert. A rewarding result is that we are getting to know many of the community members, while also providing a platform for local artists.

Calgary board games

'Neighbours of Knox'

We love our neighbours dearly, whether they are businesses or families, we appreciate and respect the community we call home.

There is a prominent group of community members who are constantly supporting Knox's local endeavours. Many have no faith-based association, but embrace Knox's social contributions. They are the 'Neighbours of Knox'.

calgary christmas tree

Annual Events

One of our annual events is our Christmas Bazaar - a time for community members to gather and celebrate the holidays through locally made goods, a festive meal and conversations with friends old and new.

Every year, our biggest seller is our famous meat pies. A small group of hardworking people work tirelessly to fill hundreds of pie orders.

Coffee in Calgary


We noticed a need in our communities for certain programs such as a meeting place and support for immigrant women, wellness opportunities for seniors, a place to socialize and uplift, and many more programs.


If you have an idea for addressing a need in our community, contact Tiffany and share your insights!

Knox and community

'Friends of Knox'

We are honoured and grateful for the relationships and connections we have made over the years. We truly enjoy the presence and contributions of others whether or not they share the same faith. 


Being a 'Friend of Knox' does not require attending our Sunday Services, but simply a willingness to join with us in believing in and creating a stronger community. We are particularly thankful to the 'Friends of Knox' group that has supported our Cafe initiative over the past few years

Meet Our Community Engagement Strategist

Tiffany is a registered social worker with a Masters in Social Work.  She joined Knox's team in 2019 because of their commitment to connecting with their neighbours.

Tiffany's work at Knox has focused on partnering with individuals, groups, other non-profits and businesses to provide activities and initiatives that make our community a better place.

The goal of her work is to grow Knox's presence in the community as a relational community hub. 

Check out Knox's most recent initiative: The Community Revitalization project! Designed for our neighbours to use, see our progress in the project and whats to come by clicking here. 

Do you have an idea to make our community a better place?

Let's do it together!

Contact Tiffany at

Certified Social Worker Tiffany Talen
Tiffany Talen MSW RSW
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