The Guiders


Knox is founded on the faithful leadership of staff and many volunteers. The committees at Knox ensure collaboration amongst members and shared accountability and contributions from many.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Win via email at

Community at Knox

Meet Knox's Guiders

Rev. Mark Tremblay at Knox

Mark Tremblay

Knox's Reverend, Mark, offers guidance and to support to all. He is also a lover of music, has three dogs, Sappho, Heidigger and Raven, and a beautiful family.


Winnifred (Win) 

Administrator of Knox, and also could be considered the glue of Knox. When in doubt ask Win, and if she does not know, she will point you in the right direction.

Tiffany Talen

Community Engagement Specialist, Tiffany, has a big heart but also knows how to get things done! Tiffany is always finding ways to connect to the community, especially through the arts.


Music Director of Knox, Paul has a passion for music that rivals his love for the outdoors. 


Associate Music Director, Jim is an enthusiastic activist who has a warm presence that can make anyone smile.


Mary Wescott

Knox's Clerk of Session, Mary is often the lovely face you will see hosting Sunday Services. Her interests include supporting youth empowerment as well as gardening.

Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea for the community? We can help you make it happen. Share your ideas with us and we can discuss how we can support YOUR visions for the community.

Community is stronger together.