The Community  Revitalization Project



In early 2019, the pandemic forced us to pause the majority of our community activities. Through the support of Calgary Foundation's Neighbourhood Grant, we pivoted our focus to transforming Knox’s lawn into a beautiful and engaging green space that will rejuvenate the neighbourhood’s positive energy. The space will strengthen and unite the community through positive messaging, diversity, and inclusivity.


The Dream.

The pictures below are Knox's vision for this summer and are working tirelessly to have it completed by the end of July 2021. The summer and fall of last year initiated projects including the two picnic bench, hopscotch, a mural for the garbage bin containment area, and a community event in September. However, we have lots of work left to do including:


  • A Welcome Bridge

  • Talking Benches

  • Stepping Stone Pathway

  • Bulletin Board

  • Little Free Libriaries

  • Planter Beds for a community garden

With these projects still to be completed, if you are a skilled labourer or have an interest in participating in our endeavour please contact Tiffany.

The front of Knox.

The Southwest lawn of Knox.

Come by and see our project in the making! We love seeing people add rocks to the rock garden, utilize the picnic benches, and admire the mural brightening the alley. It brings us joy to see our neighbours use the space. We also love it when they visit and say hi (from a distance of course)!

The Progress.

Thanks to the help of Immigrant Services Calgary, Anilin Decorating Centre, Calgary Foundation, Leanne Ellis, community members, volunteers, and the neighbouring community associations for helping us get this far in the completion of the Community Revitalization Project. We are excited to see this project connect with others while rejuvenating the community. Summer 2021 is going to be a busy, but beautiful one!